B Magazine Concepts

2018 Monthly Concepts

January / Black & White

January's Featured Artist / Yuma Amador Films & Photo

February / Super Hero

February's Featured Artist / Spyros Heniadis

Not JUST your comic book heroes, local heroes as well! 

March / And Pets...

Got pets? Get them in with models!

April / Open Concept

April Featured Artist / Pam of PM Designs

Send us the BEST of your work!

May / Rock & Roll

It's your turn rockers! Turn it up!

June / Swim Suit

Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini

July / Red, White, & Blue / Military

Show us your love of your country!

August / Fantasy

Concepts to be in the spot light!

September / Open Concept


October / Thriller & Horror

We know it's your favorite time of year! Scare Us

November / Motors

Get that engine running!

December / The White Edition

It's like a blizzard in here

B Magazine Kids Edition

February Edition

May Edition

August Edition

November Edition

Exposed Edition

Exposed Edition / Male / April

No Nudity, but tease us! 

Exposed Edition / Female / September

Ladies, we know you can do it better, prove it!